Our sustainable construction practices include:

  • Identification and sourcing of locally-available and sustainable materials reducing the energy required for transport.
  • Use of recycled, reclaimed and salvaged materials.
  • Use of low VOC products.
  • Development and implementation of project specific Erosion and Sedimentation Control (ESC), Construction Waste Management (CWM) and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Plans.
  • Our subcontractors get specific LEED requirements and templates in our bid packages.
  • Ensuring regular compliance with the most recent Credit Interpretation Rulings and Addenda.

The Collavino Group attempts to employ LEED construction methods on all of our projects as standard construction methods to reduce the environmental impact that we will have during construction. Also, for Design / Build and Construction Management projects, our preconstruction team will help our clients achieve their sustainability goals.



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