The Collavino Group continues to provide our client’s with a variety of construction services: General Contracting, Construction Management, Design / Build as well as other creative approaches. Each service offering has it’s respective ‘pros’ and ‘cons’; and, no one construction approach is ideal. The key question to ask is – “what is best for the client and meets their project objectives?”

Design / Build

The Design/Build contractor is ultimately responsible for the planning, design, construction and commissioning of the project – the Owner’s “single point of responsibility”. The Design / Build contractor must ensure that his entire team of architects, engineers, designers and construction subcontracting partners can effectively understand the Owner’s requirements and collaboratively translate them into work details.

From an overall project schedule perspective, a Design / Build approach is as fast as a construction management process. The key difference is responsibility – it’s shared with the Owner in a construction management model; however, in this approach it’s assumed solely by the Design/Build contractor.