The Collavino Group continues to provide our client’s with a variety of construction services: General Contracting, Construction Management, Design/Build as well as other creative approaches. Each service offering has it’s respective ‘pros’ and ‘cons’; and, no one construction approach is ideal. The key question to ask is – “what is best for the client and meets their project objectives?”

Creative Approaches – “contract solutions that meet our client’s goals and objectives”

It is our firm belief that every effort must be made to meet the client’s goals and objectives. In many cases, the industry’s standard form of contracts may not fully address the needs and requirements of some of our clients. For example, some clients may want the flexibility and team collaboration of construction management contracts, however, they also want the price commitment and responsibility assignment that other contracts can offer.

The contractor’s effort and support in front-end planning as part of the ‘pre-construction’ process can be a significant positive contribution to any project. It is an activity that we certainly encourage to be incorporated as part of any contract approach with all of our clients.